::Free Ad-Serving for Everyone::
AdPreference is sincerely committed to providing comprehensive and FREE ad-serving solutions to advertisers, marketers and webmasters!  Our ad-serving solutions empower agencies, advertisers and publishers to more effectively distinguish themselves with their various clients. 
::Benefits and Features::
  • Enables users to take advantage of full-featured applications, and to more effectively manage all online advertising
  • Provides greater flexibility to users, allowing them to customize the content, packaging and pricing, and to also gain access to different administrative features
  • Offers a fully integrated all-in-one system, providing price, payout settings, statistical reports, ad serving and exchange
  • Enhances your ability to handle all account management, business development and network linking through your network
  • Provides advanced technology support and allows users to generate agencies, advertisers and publishers
  • Includes all features within, empowering you to set up partnerships, to exchange ads or traffic with other networks and users
  • Geo-Targeting solution
  • Contextual Technology
  • Graphical report tools
  • Advanced frequency capping
  • And More
::Advertisers and Agencies::
Our FREE ad-serving advertiser solutions give agencies, advertisers and publishers total flexibility and control in the competitive online advertising marketplace. By employing our fully integrated all-in-one system, advertisers and agencies can monitor customer behavior, create and optimize online ad campaigns, and increase return on investment (ROI).
Our FREE ad-serving network solutions provide a reliable and unified platform for advertisers and publishers. Through our ad-serving system, advertisers and publishers can establish and develop partnerships to exchange ads or traffic with other participants, run ad-serving reports, create proposals and billings, and optimize campaigns.
Our FREE ad-serving webmaster solutions provides free turnkey solutions to publishers (webmasters), empowering them to more effectively and easily manage ad campaigns, deliver impressions, supervise earning accounts, and maximize revenues with less effort.
::Our Premium Users::